Supremo business security solutions

Defend against malware, phishing and virus attacks that expose your company to risk.
Protect what matters most with on-premise or cloud-managed endpoint security.


Browser Protection secures your internet browsers from malwares, adware and malicious virus attacks.It also helps secures the browser from being modified by any malware or adware and resists any redirections to unwanted search results or ads pop ups.

Change your Homepage

Supremo PC Cleaner protects the system against bugs like viruses, deleterious files, ad pop ups and resists the bugs from stealing your personal information from your browsers such as passwords and pins. Our effective tools like website blockers help and protect you by changing your homepage for a safer and better browsing experience. It is simple to use and requires no expertise.


USB protection assists you by protecting your computer against unwanted USB. It helps you to disable your USB ports.


Let your privacy uncompromised with Supremo Secure’s Location Changer that hides your IP address with 1 click to provide a secured and completely internet browsing. Additionally, safeguard your system from being tracked, and get rid of strip ads, deleterious files, and harmful malwares. Location Changer filters all tracking linked with you IP and gives a safer, protective and untracked, incognito browsing experience.


Website Blocker allows you to block sites you do not prefer. Block and unblock sites as per your own convenience with Website Blocker.


Protect your DNS with our DNS Changer.