Supremo business security solutions

Defend against malware, phishing and virus attacks that expose your company to risk.
Protect what matters most with on-premise or cloud-managed endpoint security.


Nitro Boost enhances the performance and functionality of your computer by decreasing the RAM usage without closing any application. Thereof, helping your computer to multitask without any retrain on the RAM usage and without letting your application shutting down. Supremo PC Cleaner’s Nitro Boost is a 1 click optimizer for any computer.


It ensures a decreased RAM usage without shutting any application on your computer, helping you to effectively multitask without losing data or information. It also closes any unwanted default application to boost the RAM and efficiency or browsing.


Manage your startup items with Supremo PC Cleaner’s Startup Manager. It allows you to disable unnecessary and unwanted programs or files running in the PC. It also removed infectious startup files in a single click.


Uninstaller is a simple to use and effective software solution that fulfills all computer requirements for a successful optimization. It uninstalls unwanted files and unnecessary programs, clears disk space, and enhances PC performance.

The software allows you to choose which files you’d like to keep and which ones are to be removed.