Supremo – A complete business security

Secures your business against any malware, virus attack, phishing and threat.
On-premise and cloud-managed security for reliable protection.

For a faster and flowing browsing with Deep Clean

A better browsing experience with almost 4x faster speed surfing and multimedia downloads including music files, graphically high-defined games, visually high-quality movies, other videos with just 1 click optimization with Supremo Cleaner. Fine-tune the system setting to get optimized.

Go Incognito with Location Changer

Let your privacy uncompromised with Supremo Free Pc Cleaner Software enabled with Location Changer that hides your IP address with 1 click to provide a secured and completely internet browsing. Additionally, safeguard your system from being tracked, and get rid of strip ads, deleterious files, and harmful malwares. Location Changer filters all tracking linked with you IP and gives a safer, protective and untracked, incognito browsing experience.

Enhance performance with Real Time Monitoring

Automatically, remove all the junk files, increased caches, duplicate files, and accumulated temporarydata that slows your PC down, with Supremo Secure’s PC Cleaner. Scan your computer with a single click and optimize its surfing speed and multimedia downloading by deleting unnecessary files from your PC and start afresh each time with faster, effortless, smoother and safer browsing experience.